Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ARROWROOT biscuits

125g (4oz) butter
125g (4oz) arrowroot
125g (4oz) icing sugar
2 eggs
125g (4oz) flour

Beat butter to a cream, add beaten eggs and stir in flour. After beating the mixture well, add the finely sieved arrowroot and icing sugar.

Roll out and cut into oval shapes, place on greased tray, prick with a fork, and bake for 1/2 hour in a slow oven.


  1. Ah, a great, easy recipe for a family favourite! My parents grow arrowroot in their backyard.. I should really try and make this from their produce.

  2. How would you prepare arrowroot from the backyard into this recipe?

  3. Arrowroot powder is great for thickening sauces etc i like it much better than flour or cornflour.

  4. Miss Wired - sorry don't know about making arrowroot into flour ... good question - wonder if anyone else can help?